Hermitcraft 7: Episode 72 - IT'S OVER!

THE HCBBS COUNTDOWN IS OVER! In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo joins up with the members of the Bumbo Baggins Society to watch as the mysterious HCBBS hermitcraft countdown clock hits zero, revealing a HUGE CHANGE to the Hermitcraft server as a whole. There were many theories, BUTTON 2.0, The BEE-LEIEVERS, Bumbo Baggins Society, and the Bye Bye Season crew... But this caught every Hermitcraft Hermit by surprise!

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  1. Mumbo Jumbo

    Mumbo Jumbo

    پیش 4 ماه

    A BIG OL' FAT REMINDER HERE: 1. READ THE SMALL PRINT 2. We're all friends on Hermitcraft, and Hermitcraft is all about having fun. So don't light your pants on fire in anger over things that happen on the server! This is definitely an opportunity for us to mix things up and try different things. 3. The reason Ren is upset is not what you think. ALSO... Remember the small print?

    • Kae saysstfu

      Kae saysstfu

      پیش 3 روز

      Really cant believe anyone gets mad about anything on here. If it gets destroyed itll be replaced. If its changed it was probably already talked aboit. This is all for FUN

    • The Gamer Fencer0129

      The Gamer Fencer0129

      پیش 4 ماه

      Scar lost the deed for your base

    • Jake The Beaver

      Jake The Beaver

      پیش 4 ماه

      Agreed but still...sigh

    • Evan Carney

      Evan Carney

      پیش 4 ماه

      Ok but I’m fairly certain this was all an elaborate plan to relieve Mumbos custody over the golden heart he neglects so all In all this is a winning situation.

    • ian kade

      ian kade

      پیش 4 ماه

      i loved this

  2. Hollowstarfire


    پیش 2 روز

    At 3:55 I got up out of my seat and jumped around my room bc it was so exciting

  3. Kae saysstfu

    Kae saysstfu

    پیش 3 روز

    Mumbo looking for cows to kill when he just could of used signs🤦🤣

  4. Tate


    پیش 4 روز

    When I heard the word base swamp I was so sad.

  5. Michael Logan

    Michael Logan

    پیش 13 روز

    Mumbo gave it awake, because he didn't even look at the sign when he dropped in, and then he told Cleo about what it said

  6. Braydon Benson

    Braydon Benson

    پیش 17 روز


  7. Oliver Stonier-Gibson

    Oliver Stonier-Gibson

    پیش 17 روز

    14:30 it's mumbo's dream

  8. Tabi


    پیش 22 روز


  9. Owen Hacking

    Owen Hacking

    پیش 23 روز

    This is so much stuff, I want to organize it automatically. - Mumbo

  10. Zalán Gábor

    Zalán Gábor

    پیش 29 روز


  11. M Eye Eh

    M Eye Eh

    پیش ماه

    cant help but feel bad for whoever got Docm77's base

  12. Ramon Olavarria

    Ramon Olavarria

    پیش ماه

    best base ever scar builds mumbo does redstone...

  13. Varun Nathany

    Varun Nathany

    پیش ماه

    that bed is cursed

  14. Doodle Alien

    Doodle Alien

    پیش ماه

    Scar's base is the worst trigger, ever. Even I build storage in Minecraft! How does Scar find anything?!

  15. Amri Boom

    Amri Boom

    پیش ماه

    You're forgetting your pacific RND vault in your old base .

  16. Cashman 2008

    Cashman 2008

    پیش ماه

    I would be so mad if I had to trade my base that I worked for dozens of hours. He’s so cool with it

  17. harish adhithiya

    harish adhithiya

    پیش ماه

    There are people in rocket store

  18. Friday G

    Friday G

    پیش ماه

    Scars storage system scares me.

  19. Mitch Levitt

    Mitch Levitt

    پیش ماه

    I like Mumbo’s confusion at the ghost bed

  20. udhathya


    پیش 2 ماه

    mumbo you were in a hobbit society before the hcbbs started and hobbits mine stuf right and you have scars mining base btw i think xisuma made a giznt honeycombe moon around hermitcrafts earth and launch the hcbbs with the help of his fellow beeheads civilization

  21. Xardan Gaming

    Xardan Gaming

    پیش 2 ماه

    It feels so strange watching mumbo be scared after I know he built it (plot twist: mumbo made the whole thing just to be bumbo baggins again)

  22. Sepia Smith

    Sepia Smith

    پیش 2 ماه

    I've read that this whole thing was a trial run for a community base and while I do think the Hermits would prefer building their own mega bases, having at least a large project they all work on is totally something I'd love to see. They could even do like an experimental season (season 7.5?) where they all share a base or an area (BUILD A HERMIT TOWN!!!) but they've all agreed it can be a short season just for funsies. god I love when people build immersive towns/cities and I would adore seeing the hermits come together to build infrastructure and a village also oh my god I didn't realize just how bad Scar's chest monster really was. I thought the bottom of Larry the Snail was bad, and then.... that field... an entire double chest with just a single crafting table in it.... oh wow

  23. Eamon Healy

    Eamon Healy

    پیش 2 ماه

    Does mumbo still own his industrial district?

  24. Peter Vedel Wagner

    Peter Vedel Wagner

    پیش 2 ماه

    If the HCBBS is made by mumbo (witch it probably is), its probably only because mumbo wanted those freaking mini mushrooms, like they're, amazing..

  25. rat


    پیش 2 ماه

    Vid 14 I’ve commented so much on mumbo jumbos yt

  26. That Girl

    That Girl

    پیش 2 ماه

    10:18 he did a good job on his base! LOL

  27. Diamond Crafter365 Gaming

    Diamond Crafter365 Gaming

    پیش 2 ماه

    I dont like these huge changes..

  28. Marc hill

    Marc hill

    پیش 2 ماه

    it was all mumbo for mayor!

  29. Regirock


    پیش 3 ماه

    Doesn't mumbo bow also own the Mycelium bases

  30. Hi


    پیش 3 ماه

    Idk if anyone realized but he lost the industrial district

  31. The Swedish Berliner

    The Swedish Berliner

    پیش 3 ماه

    What the fuck is wrong with you. I would never even consider giving up a base of mine let alone something that huge and time consuming.

  32. BlackNinja25


    پیش 3 ماه

    did you tell scar that he needs to feed the base

  33. Pétur Erlingsson

    Pétur Erlingsson

    پیش 3 ماه

    Mabe you culd trade bac cuz i REALLY MISS THE OLD BASE!

    • Weird_Ghostix


      پیش 3 ماه

      (Hey... psst.. read the fine print! This isn’t permanent!)

  34. Neon


    پیش 3 ماه

    This showed up randomly on my recommended and I was so confused. But now, three weeks, and many perspectives later, I have returned with context.

    • Weird_Ghostix


      پیش 3 ماه

      So is the gift of Hermitcraft

  35. Tsukuyomi


    پیش 3 ماه

    This is depressing I saw Mumbo work so hard on his base and now he doesn’t have it anymore :(( 😪🥺 and al the red stone and hard work he put into it

  36. ilman Torabinotash

    ilman Torabinotash

    پیش 3 ماه

    Doesn't this mean that you lost everything in your base? Industrial district? Diamonds? This means you have to start from the beginning with a bunch of emeralds and netherite tools.

  37. KrisirK


    پیش 3 ماه

    Honestly I like this whole concept, but it is kind of sad to see all of those episodes, working on the base we all know and love sorta gone to waste... I get that this was probably a thing they all talked about but it doesn’t really help the fact all those episodes and time with the base gone

    • Weird_Ghostix


      پیش 3 ماه

      (Hey... psst.. read the fine print! This isn’t permanent!)

  38. Power Spirit

    Power Spirit

    پیش 3 ماه

    Chest monsters are like the minecraft equivelent of disorganized drawing layers.

  39. couch guard

    couch guard

    پیش 3 ماه

    Grain doesn't have to fill the back of his base anymore

  40. SageTheBunny123 Gaming

    SageTheBunny123 Gaming

    پیش 3 ماه

    I'm on my older siblings account because I cant watch you on YT kids because of this vid, if YT is reading this please add him back.

  41. hey um new

    hey um new

    پیش 3 ماه

    Bro that base swap just hurts

  42. ispider guy

    ispider guy

    پیش 3 ماه

    mine mine mine mine mine, and this triagonal sign

  43. Tezer Skits

    Tezer Skits

    پیش 3 ماه

    Weight of scar owns ur old base doesn’t he own the pasific bunker soo does he own half of pasific

  44. AmericaSnipe


    پیش 3 ماه

    What about ur industrial district

  45. Ultinuc


    پیش 3 ماه

    yknow for the first few minutes of this video I genuinely forgot this was all mumbo's doing

  46. Poop Man

    Poop Man

    پیش 3 ماه

    i hope this isnt permanent

  47. Stephanie Greiner

    Stephanie Greiner

    پیش 3 ماه

    I AM SO MAD. THIS IS REDICULUS AND I WANT MUMBO TO GET HIS BASE BACK. what about the pacific lab and all the other stuff. DO YOU LOSE THE HOBIT HOLE TOO!?!!?!?! This has ruined me. :-(

  48. Squeaker Boodle

    Squeaker Boodle

    پیش 3 ماه

    Mumbo made the HCBBS just so he didn't have to feed his base anymore. wow

  49. 1405040283 AADITH JINI ARACKAL

    1405040283 AADITH JINI ARACKAL

    پیش 3 ماه

    You could kill poeple and get their deeds

  50. Cody’s Bricks

    Cody’s Bricks

    پیش 3 ماه

    Wait, what about the Pacific R&D Lab area?

  51. Daniel S

    Daniel S

    پیش 3 ماه

    This is a feeling when you know scar is gonna make mumbos base more pretty and we know that mumbo is gonna make scars base more reds tine realated

  52. Fawaz Taheri

    Fawaz Taheri

    پیش 3 ماه

    Im away for a month and this happens

  53. Cynthia Diya

    Cynthia Diya

    پیش 3 ماه

    scars base gives me major OCD and i love how mumbo immediately goes i need to organize a list of how to upgrade this base

  54. DemonDogDentex


    پیش 3 ماه

    Mumbo didn't trespass he unopassed

  55. Obby Nibba

    Obby Nibba

    پیش 3 ماه


  56. Nic Ole

    Nic Ole

    پیش 3 ماه

    Nice video Mumbo!!!

  57. Nick Topinopolis

    Nick Topinopolis

    پیش 3 ماه

    Scar is an artist and, as a bit of an artist myself, I fully understand his sorting system!😅

  58. Nestoons


    پیش 3 ماه

    “This mail box is mine-“

  59. The Masters 2po

    The Masters 2po

    پیش 3 ماه

    I think this is mumbo jumbo plan to get his based sacred

  60. Twisteri


    پیش 3 ماه

    Scar must be so happy to own a pre built MASSIVE sorting system now lmao

    • Heidi Kindon

      Heidi Kindon

      پیش 3 ماه

      He won’t know where anything is 😄

  61. Chris Windom

    Chris Windom

    پیش 3 ماه

    that mombo mean you lost all those diamonds to the heart

  62. Alex Anderson

    Alex Anderson

    پیش 3 ماه


  63. TurtleKing2178


    پیش 3 ماه

    I kind of miss Mumbo’s base

  64. Congele


    پیش 3 ماه

    I lost it when he started searching the bed, and found the cursed one xD

  65. William Richardson

    William Richardson

    پیش 3 ماه

    I dont know what is worse, organising scars base or putting mumbo's base through college

  66. Myles Pieper

    Myles Pieper

    پیش 3 ماه

    The lengths mumbo will go to get the tiny mushrooms

  67. Mr.ButterBallJr.


    پیش 3 ماه

    When does season 7 end?

  68. Isaac Johnson

    Isaac Johnson

    پیش 3 ماه

    if he signed a surticacute that had nothing on it then the base swap is not oficial

  69. Lauren BC

    Lauren BC

    پیش 3 ماه

    The lack of organisation is made up with all the building!

  70. Future Gamers

    Future Gamers

    پیش 3 ماه

    the infin-a-bee stones

  71. eyechief


    پیش 3 ماه

    Cant wait for who ever has mumbos bade to get annoyed with the heart beat... and secondly... do they know that they have to feed the base



    پیش 3 ماه

    Does mumbo ever reply to comments

  73. BlueTerror 22

    BlueTerror 22

    پیش 3 ماه

    that was a big plot twist

  74. Ky'mani Playz Everything

    Ky'mani Playz Everything

    پیش 3 ماه

    Mumbo complaining that scar doesn't have a bed Mumbo:not having bed

  75. Smileyboi1


    پیش 3 ماه

    Am I the only one who is sad that mumbo doesn’t live in his base anymore? Why am I sad about this!?

    • ceruchi


      پیش 3 ماه

      Start watching Scar ^_^

  76. Awkward Unicorn

    Awkward Unicorn

    پیش 3 ماه

    Mumbo forgetting about about the de-hobbiter we bone meal that grian used on him early in the season

  77. Terium


    پیش 3 ماه

    Why does it feel like I'm watching a Hermitcraft Swinger Party? This is weird

  78. FlamingFugtitive


    پیش 3 ماه

    Is the industrial district still yours?

  79. parker_ smith

    parker_ smith

    پیش 3 ماه

    All the work for bases and they were just handed over

  80. parker_ smith

    parker_ smith

    پیش 3 ماه

    It's funny like he ignored that we knew it was him

  81. MrBoliber


    پیش 3 ماه

    How awesome would it be if there were a Hermitcraft theme park?

  82. TheHeroBrain


    پیش 3 ماه

    4. Doors and stuff - Grian intensifises

  83. Dylan Salisbury

    Dylan Salisbury

    پیش 3 ماه

    I'm so glad this happened! I just lost my world on accident so this was really inspiring.😊

  84. Madrail


    پیش 3 ماه

    I nearly died of laughter while watching

  85. Ana Jaquez

    Ana Jaquez

    پیش 3 ماه

    This is conspiracy to make hermits watch each others video's

  86. Logan Campos

    Logan Campos

    پیش 3 ماه

    Ah, ARGRICULTUREWE pronounced: arg-ricul-tu-rewe

  87. Decius Nix

    Decius Nix

    پیش 4 ماه

    The chest/shulker monster used to be SOO much worse lol

  88. Pedrosso


    پیش 4 ماه

    First project: super sorter



    پیش 4 ماه

    Mumbo: *gets scar's base* Also Mumbo: tInY mUsHRooMS

  90. Lump Lot

    Lump Lot

    پیش 4 ماه

    I love that Mumbo said "Do we go in" before seeing if there's an in

  91. chewy chew

    chewy chew

    پیش 4 ماه


  92. Rosalie Walters

    Rosalie Walters

    پیش 4 ماه

    I think you did because you left the stuf in your invitory

  93. Rosalie Walters

    Rosalie Walters

    پیش 4 ماه

    Mumdo did you make the cont done

  94. Pearyo


    پیش 4 ماه

    Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine I hear a remix coming up

  95. Bread


    پیش 4 ماه


  96. Trash Panda

    Trash Panda

    پیش 4 ماه

    anyone notice how mumbo had 32 tnt in his hotbar and then suddenly after a cut he had 29 tnt in his hotbar and the hcbbs clock exploded?

  97. Coca Cola espuma

    Coca Cola espuma

    پیش 4 ماه

    Mumbo you also own scars Star Wars base now.

  98. 陳宇澤


    پیش 4 ماه

    he's actually happy about losing his diamonds

  99. Amelia McCourt

    Amelia McCourt

    پیش 4 ماه


  100. ThatGuy777


    پیش 4 ماه

    Really rad